Tineke Rubber Plant features large, highly variegated leaves. The colors on this plant almost look handpainted, and is hard to believe that it is natural! New leaves often come out with a pink or red tint, but will develop their white and green colors as the leaf matures. This is the perfect statement plant, and it's relatively easy care makes it a good exotic plant for a beginner!


Shipped straight from our greenhouse to your door, your plant will arrive as pictured and pre-potted. All you have to do is open the box, pull the plant out and enjoy it in your home. Please note the images are a representation of the plants available, not the exact plant you will receive. All plants are unique; we will handpick and carefully package the best of our selection for each order!

Ficus Elastica, Tineke Rubber Plant in Contemporary Pot

  • Scientific Name

    • Ficus elastica 'tineke'

    Size Options

    • Contemporary Pot: 6" Diameter Plant, Approx 12" Tall


    • Moderately Easy

    Air Cleaner                                   

    • Yes - Helps Remove Toxins

    Pet Friendly                               

    • No - Toxic to Pets


    • Thrives in Indirect Bright Light


    • Medium - Water When Soil is 50-75% Dry


    • Benefits From Increased Humidity


    • Moderately Difficult

    Ships Within                                 

    • 2-4 Business Days
    • Plants Ship With Heat Packs From November-March, Allow for Extra Processing Time