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Your Guide for Moving Houseplants Inside

The seasons are changing! If your houseplants love to enjoy the summer outdoors, it is time to start bringing them in for fall & winter. Get those houseplants nice and cozy indoors!

Our three step process ensures that your plants receive all of the attention they need during this transition! Begin by prepping your space - this is where your plant will be moved to inside. You want to ensure this space is ready for your plant! Next, take the time to acclimate your plant. It might take a few days of acclimation before your plant is ready to be inside full time. Lastly, your plant care routine might need to change to provide your plant with the best care possible in this new season!

Not all of these tips are required, but they will help your plants have a stress-free transition and encourage future growth!

Step One: Prep Your Space

Clean the windows so that they can let in maximum light. Depending on where you live, sunlight might be hard to come by in fall and winter. Give your windows a good cleaning (inside and out) to remove built up dust and dirt and ensure the sunlight is able to stream in!

Get a grow light if you have a dark house. You don't have to have large, sunny windows to keep your plants happy! Think about getting a grow light if your plant is going to be moving to a dark area in your house. You can also replace your current lamps and lighting fixtures with full spectrum bulbs to give your plants a little extra boost of light!

Run a humidifier to keep the air moist. Most houseplants comes from tropical regions of the world, meaning they thrive in moist and humid air! Unfortunately our heaters and furnaces dry out the air, especially during the fall and winter. Set up a humidifier to run near your plants to give them a boost, or use a pebble tray!

Step Two: Acclimate the Plant

Gradually move your plants to shade. If your plants have been outside in the sunshine, you want to gradually acclimate them to the i