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Introducing the It Plants of 2023

A new year means new houseplants to add to your collection! These 3 houseplants will be everywhere this year (and for good reason) - check them out and see which one you want to add to your plant collection in 2023!


White Bird of Paradise

Trend: Statement, Designer Plants

White Bird of Paradise is the newest oversized, statement houseplant obsession in the plant community! Though the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Rubber Trees aren't going anywhere, White Bird of Paradise is going to give them a run for their money in 2023. This tall, tropical plant is grown for it's large leaves which sit atop tall stems - plus it can grow stunning white blooms! This plant is very low maintenance once established, perfect for any plant lover looking for something unique in their collection. Using houseplants as living art pieces has been a growing trend over the last few years, and 2023 will not be any different. White Bird of Paradise is certainly a work of art and an easy way to transform your home into a tropical oasis!


Variegated Hoya Wayetii

Trend: Easy Care, Golden Hues