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Indoor Plants in Winter - 5 Care Tips

Winter is a quiet season for houseplants. The days are short, cold, and dark which are not ideal conditions for growth! Growth slows, or stops completely, and a lot of indoor plants go dormant through the cold season. This dormancy might look like decreased or no growth at all and the plant dropping old leaves and dying back. This is the plant's way of conserving energy to ensure it's survival during this time of year.

Winter can be difficult for plant parents, as our care routine needs to change (sometimes drastically!) to adjust for these non-ideal conditions. The good news is, winter plant care doesn't need to be difficult, and generally is less intensive than care during the growing season! These 5 tips will help you keep your plant happy during this cold season and ensure they come out happy and healthy, ready to grow come spring!


Adjust Your Watering Schedule

It is very important during the winter to adjust your watering schedule or routine. Most plants aren't actively growing, and less growth means your plant needs less water. Overwatering in winter can quickly lead to root rot and should be avoided at all costs! Make sure to check your plant's soil (you can use a wooden chopstick, moisture meter, or even your finger) and watch for signs that your plant needs water before you water it. Keep an eye out for drooping, wilting, and faded colors as good signs that your plant needs water!

All plants are different, and the amount of water they need is largely based on their growing conditions. You might find that your plants water needs don't change, or you might be watering half as often as the warmer parts of the year.

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