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Holiday Houseplant Care Guide

With the holiday season upon us, many people are planning their holiday travel - whether that is going out of town to see family or embarking on a festive holiday vacation. And with that comes the pre-travel planning: booking flights, packing, gassing up the car, arranging pet care, and last minute shopping, to name a few. But if you have houseplants, you also need a plan to keep them happy and healthy while you're away.

Most houseplants can withstand a few days of neglect, but if you are planning an extended holiday trip, you might need to take some steps to help them out. Nothing ruins a holiday vacation like returning to wilted and withering houseplants! Follow our Holiday Houseplant Care Guide to ensure your plants continue to thrive while you are enjoying your holiday.

1. Give Your Plants a Good Soak

Aside from your drought tolerant houseplants, like snake plants or succulents, you want to thoroughly water your plants before leaving. We recommend watering each plant until the soil is fully saturated and excess water begins draining from the drainage holes. Discard of this excess water to avoid root rot! This will be adequate for a trip that is less than a week long. Keep in mind, only you know your plants preferences. If you normally go for multiple weeks, even a month, at a time before watering, then your plants might be good to go already!

2. Set Up DIY Self Watering Systems

If your trip is longer than a week, you might want to look into setting up a DIY self watering system. Use a capillary wick to transfer water from a reservoir to your plants soil - place one end of the wick in a bowl of water and the other end in the soil of your plant. The plant will pull in as much water as it needs. A second DIY option is to use a bottle to slowly trickle water into the plant's soil. You can use an old plastic or glass bottle to do this - poke a small hole in the top of the bottle, fill with water, and place upside down in the soil. The water will slowly trickle through the hole, providing the plant with a steady amount of water.

3. Maintain Comfortable Temperature

Make sure you keep the home comfortable for your plants while you're away. Most indoor houseplants prefer temperatures around 65-70F - so leave your heat on for them! Make sure that no heating vents are blasting directly at your plants, as this can dry out the leaves and soil causing damage. Watch out for drafty windows and doors as well!