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8 Ways to Keep Plants Alive on Summer Vacation

Whether you have a long weekend at the beach, or an international adventure planned, we are sharing our tips and tricks for keeping your plants thriving at home, while you are thriving on vacation!

Here are our tips to keep your plants watered and happy while you are gone:

1. Soak Your Plants

Give all of your plants a good soak before you leave! Aside from your drought tolerant houseplants, like snake plants or succulents, you want to thoroughly water your plants before leaving. We recommend watering each plant until the soil is fully saturated and excess water begins draining from the drainage holes. Discard of this excess water to avoid root rot! This will be adequate for a trip that is less than a week long.

2. Set Up DIY Self Watering Systems

If your trip is longer than a week, you might want to look into setting up a DIY self watering system! Use a capillary wick to transfer water from a reservoir to your plants soil - place one end of the wick in a bowl of water and the other end in the soil of your plant. The plant will pull in as much water as it needs. Make sure your bowl contains enough water for the duration of the trip! A second DIY option is to use a bottle to slowly trickle water into the plant's soil. You can use an old plastic or glass bottle to do this - poke a small hole in the top of the bottle, fill with water, and place upside down in the soil! The water will slowly trickle through the hole, providing the plant with a steady amount of water!