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4 Houseplants to Add to Your Outdoor Décor

It's that time of year - everyone is refreshing their gardens and porches, in preparation to spend time outdoors during the summer months! Gardens are a great way to let your personality shine through the exterior of your home, and many people love to put in hours tending their garden or porch planters. Fresh air, movement, and boosted creativity are some of the benefits you might experience through gardening!

If you are someone who loves both houseplants and gardening, and are looking for a way to combine the two, check out these 4 houseplants that are perfect for adding into your seasonal planters! Just be sure to bring them back inside before the weather gets cold!

#1 Ivy

Ivy plants have always been staples in the houseplant and gardening industries! These fast growing, vining plants are perfect for adding to a planter where it can spill over the sides. If you need a plant to fill up some empty space among other plants, ivy will quickly grow long vines across the soil, making your pot so much fuller! Here we have a variegated ivy added to a hanging planter which features an assortment of begonias.

#2 Ferns

Just like ivy, ferns have always been popular additions to planters and gardens! Each different type of fern brings something new to your outdoor décor. Choose a tall, arching fern like a Kimberly fern to add height to a planter, or plant a low growing fern like a Rabbit's Foot fern to fill in empty space in your garden. Here we have a tall Boston fern planted among a variety of flowering annuals.